Suzanne’s Soapbox (Videos below)  is a broadcasted resource to help on your own journey to enlightenment, covering self-awareness, motivation, inner peace, happiness and harmony.  Suzanne believes that to find our happiness, we must first understand our fear, become personally responsible for every aspect of our life, eliminate blame and most importantly of all, let go of the things we can’t control. 

These videos deliver spiritual and practical knowledge in layman terms, having amalgamated, dissected and simplified thousands of hours of her own research.  She communicates in a way that is simple to understand. Suzanne's spiritual journey allowed her to achieve her dreams and aspirations, her passion and unique gift is to help others do the same. 

No subject is too big or too small. She believes that if it makes us uncomfortable, we definitely need to talk about it.  If you’d like to connect or contribute, she welcomes your email.