The Power of Positive Speaking

Speaking in general has always come very naturally to me. I remember as a child how much I loved to hold a room with my tales of adventure and lore or how having the opportunity to voice my opinion on this or that thrilled me. I quite simply loved the sound of my own voice and was deemed a chatterbox by my whole family, if I was around you had to fight to get a word in. As I got older, this didn’t change too much. I found myself being the centre of attention in many scenarios, the one to embellish a tale just to give more comedy to those around me. It was something I loved to do and it was something I was good at and while it felt natural, I never considered it as a career option.

Throughout the past six years in what I term my ‘Personal Journey To Enlightenment,’ I found that learning to listen was a vital part of my spiritual growth. Listen you say? You would think it obvious, we all know how to listen. That’s what I believed until I began investigating the subject further. What I discovered was that most people listen with the intent to respond. This was me completely. When others would regale a tale, instead of actually listening, my mind would aggressively recall an incident similar while conjuring a magnificent response so I’d feel like the more interesting person in the conversation.

To listen without feeling the need to respond was something that took a lot of practice. Becoming a life coach was a great opportunity for me to learn this. To actually allow someone a silent pause at the end of their statement was an interesting experience. Responding through insight rather than reacting through self importance was new to me and I found it very enjoyable. Ironically it was when I learned to listen that the professional speaker was born.

A room full of people, a microphone and an interesting subject that I’m passionate about. I’ve just died and gone to heaven. This is what speaking feels like for me. For many it’s a fate worse than death but for me it’s where I feel completely alive. I don’t consider myself employed as a speaker, I am a speaker.

As I find myself working in London, speaking to employees of corporate companies, I’m amazed at the impact it has on others. ‘Being A Better Version of You’ is a broad introduction to self awareness. A talk designed to inspire those who listen to become more aware of their destructive behaviour patterns, recognise negative emotions that may prevent them from progressing professionally and in other areas of their lives and offer them a new perspective and a positive state of mind which often leads to a positive life experience.

As I look around the room I feel an amazing sense of achievement. Talking about the ego (our mind) and how it tricks us into believing we are never good enough or we will fail at one thing or another is something I love to do. I look at the faces in the crowd and I see how much it resonates with some, the realisation that these destructive thoughts and negative feelings are part of their everyday lives. One particular lady said when I finished talking that she felt like I was inside her head and I was speaking about her daily battles. This is very rewarding for me and inspires me so much to continue on this journey of helping others to become more self aware.

My own personal awakening was a traumatic one, forced to confront my biggest fears and face them once and for all, I worked hard to transform my life from one of negative thoughts and emotions to one where a positive state of mind is normal for me. Now I don’t allow negativity to touch me and gently remove myself from any negative situation or person that I may encounter.

My whole life I’ve wondered what my purpose was, yes I’m a mother and I’m forever grateful for that but I always felt I had more to offer. Becoming a speaker and seeing how my state of positivity can help others is my dream realised. I’m compelled to ‘wake up’ as many people as I can. To reach those who may have questions about being self aware or those who may find that there is something not quite right about their lives, something is missing and they don’t know what it is. Equally there are those who may not have even scratched the surface of self development. I want to wake them up too.

Through years of reading and studying everything I could about self awareness and spiritual realisation, I get it. The search for me is over and although I continue to learn and grow, I know that everything I need is within me. To communicate this to others I have to deliver an authentic and inspiring talk and to do that I have to practice what I preach.

I live a conscious life. I live in the now and through meditation, yoga, being present and being pro-active I attract amazing people and amazing opportunities to my life. New and interesting people, improved relationships with friends and family and a very busy professional life.

The power of the positive mind is real. How we think, how we feel and how we talk affects everything we do. Being in a positive state of mind can transform and enrich our lives beyond our wildest dreams so be careful with your thoughts and with your words. Not only are those around you listening but the universe is too.



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