Survival Mode

The primary need of everyone is to survive; above all else, we have a survival instinct that we can’t ignore.  

If the first years of your life were less than perfect, and let’s be honest, they probably were; your emotional needs weren’t met. You might have been the victim of physical or emotional abuse, neglect, bullying, absent parenting, strict upbringing, poverty, war, or general unconsciousness and probably live in survival mode with survival emotions such as fear, uncertainty, doubt, stress and anxiety, at the forefront of your mind. 

Everyday things that didn’t affect your siblings might have affected you. Your parents unfavourably compared you to them. Comments were made about how much they sacrificed. Maybe they were absent, caught up in their own life and you had to fight for their attention or worse, you didn’t get it when you needed it badly. Maybe they were fearful and said you’d never amount to anything if you didn’t work hard enough.

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