Being on a stage, motivating and inspiring people to live their best life, is a dream come true for Suzanne. 'Whether it's making small changes or big ones, you are born to experience happiness and be the best version of yourself' - Suzanne Selvester 

Suzanne has a no nonsence approach to self awarenss. Her candidness about overcoming her challenges captures the attention of her audience and helps them relate to their own.

Although most people fear change, change is a good thing. Suzanne talks about how facing your fear frees you from it's power. How being absolutely certain about what you want to achieve, accelates success and how being selfaware allows you to live an authentic life, speak your truth and become the best version of you. 

Suzanne's journey has led her to freedom. What does that mean?  She's free from identifying with my mind. Doubt, fear, uncertainty and pain no longer determine my life. Instead she observes the voice in my head as it tries to stop her from achieving her dreams. 

Her talks simplify self-awareness. She delivers a clear and concise message, offering direction and guidance to her audience to help them do the same. 

If you'd like Suzanne to speak at an event you're holding please get in touch.  hello@suzanneselvester.com