It’s important to recognise that your state of mind can fluctuate throughout your journey to peace.

You can feel extremely positive one day, only to find yourself plummeting to the depts of despair on another day. Observing this and allowing it to happen is vital to personal growth. - As your self-awareness develops, the ability to recover from these negative episodes improves.

In her book Champagne and Self-Loathing, Suzanne describes three defined stages of her journey. Three mindsets that determined her life. She now lives mostly in the third mindset and even though there are times when she feels more emotional and less certain, she no longer resists it. She allows it to come, then allows it to go again.

The Key to Peace.

If you want to make peace with everything in your life, enjoy success and be happy. Finding out who you are is the first step.

What is your daily mindset?

Answering these questions below. Be completely honest with yourself. You can then identify your general state of mind. 

Answer NO, SOMETIMES or YES to the following questions. 

Do you like who you are?
Can you find something to be grateful for, even in hard times?
Are you proud of yourself?
Do you have good self-discipline? (Be honest) 
Do you take care of yourself physically?

Do you speak your truth?
Can you express yourself with courage and certainty?
Are you confident in your decisions?
Do you take responsibility for everything that happens in your life? Good and Bad?
Can you detach from negative situations?

Do you have a good relationship with money?
Do you cope well with stress?
Do you see solutions instead of problems?
Are you proactive in your life, do you make things happen?
Do you look forward, instead of dwelling on the past?

Do you see the good in others?
Can you live regardless of what people think of you?
Do you meditate?
Are you generally grateful in life?
Do you have peace of mind?

Email you answers to [email protected] for a detailed description of three different mindsets.

Which one are you?