It’s important to recognise that our state of mind can fluctuate throughout our journey, feeling extremely positive at times, only to find ourselves plummeting to the depts of despair at others. Realising this is vital to personal growth. As self-awareness develops, the ability to recover from these negative episodes improves.

I had three defined stages of my journey. I now live mostly in stage three and although there are days when I feel more emotional and less certain, I don’t resist it. I visit stage one and two on occasion, but I no longer live there.

Answering these questions intuitively, may allow you to identify with the different stages of my journey.

Answer NEVER, SOMETIMES or ALWAYS. Record your answers and contact me for further advice.

Do you like yourself?
Are you a positive person?
Do you like your body?
Do you exercise?
Do you eat well?

Do you live your truth, wholeheartedly and without fear?
Do you express yourself with courage and certainty?
Are you confident in who you are?
Do you take full responsibility for your life situation?
Are you certain in the decisions you make?

Do you have a good relationship with money?
Do you cope well with stress?
Do you see solutions instead of problems?
Are you proactive in your life, do you make things happen?
Do you look forward, instead of dwelling on the past?

Do you see the good in others?
Do you live regardless of what people think of you?
Do you meditate?
Do you practice gratitude?
Do you have peace of mind?


Stage One - Mostly Never

I lived in fear, I had a negative mindset, a mentality of lack and I was permanently tired. My anxiety held me firmly in it’s grip and I was afraid of everything. I was afraid of being alone, of never finding my purpose and of failing and I felt like a fraud, terrified people would discover my secret; falling apart but projecting perfection.

I saw problems, not solutions. I was chaotic, completely disorganised and drinking to excess, which lead to a lack of dignity. I had no direction in my life and was desperate for validation. Consumed by my pain, I constantly blamed others for my problems. I had little understanding of personal responsibility, saw myself as a victim and wondered why my life was so hard. 

Self-help books became my lifeline, but working with a life coach helped me gain the clarity I needed to change my life.


Stage Two - Mostly Sometimes

There was still fear in my life. My anxiety was unpredictable and dependent on external circumstances, but now I understood it. I knew I worried excessively about things that were out of my control; my ex husband’s life, my family’s choices, my paranoia at being judged by others, the happiness of everyone in my life.  

I wanted to change it and found answers and guidance from books and regular coaching sessions. My chaos receded and I felt more positive about my life. I was responsible for how I felt and making progress in overcoming my fear. 

Numerous self development courses lead to a spiritual path, I studied Kabbalah for almost two years and while there learned about self-love. Shocked to discover how little love I had for myself, I learned to love and respect who I was. This was a turning point in my journey. 

Transcendental Meditation took me further on my path. Daily meditation helped me connect with my higher-self and helped me feel inspired by my life. My state of mind improved. I found answers and I felt more positive. My perceived lack of purpose contributed to my anxiety and feelings of displacement, finding that took me to the next level.


Stage Three - Mostly Always

The days of chaos and fear are far behind. I am no longer a seeker in life. I have the answers and I am free. Free from social expectations. Free from doubt, free from fear. My mentality is abundance, love, happiness, joy and most importantly of all, self love.

Learning to surrender allowed me to find meaning to my life.  

Self-love makes me resilient to negativity. I make conscience choices about my life and take full responsibility for them. This new found freedom has allowed me to change the blueprint of who I am. Letting go of emotional control and learning to be comfortable with my vulnerability, has elevated my level of compassion and empathy, enriching all of my relationships. 

I like approval, but I no longer crave it. I like being liked, but I no longer need it.  My sense of self is strong and through my speaking and writing, I found purpose.  I love sharing my journey to help others find their own purpose and a life of harmony and peace.